Cutting your own hair is a bad idea

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Worst case scenario, I can always make it look like that. Image via Wikipedia

Inspired by this post from one of my favorite blogs, I decided to buy a fancy-pants Wahl Multi-Cup Clipper and start cutting my own hair. This morning, steeled with a few cups of coffee, I gave it a shot. Standing over my sink, I watched in the mirror as I scraped hair from my scalp, all while expertly following the advice contained in the “Home Hair Cutting Manual” that comes with the clippers. Not too hard, I thought, right?

Big mistake.

Twenty minutes later, my hair was a joke. I had big diagonal lines shooting across the sides of my head above my ear. There was a big giant long piece sticking straight up in the back. The back of my neck was bright red (and crooked). The area right above my right ear was the same length as a West Point cadet crew cut, but two inches up, it looked like someone took a blunt pair of scissors and pulled the hair straight out of my scalp.

Thirty minutes later, I was out the door, headed straight for Super Cuts. Fifteen minutes (and $18.95) later, I had a decent haircut (along with a fair bit of teasing from the stylists, who had all gathered around to look and laugh).

Look, I like saving money as much as the next guy. But for about $150/year in Super Cuts, I think I can live without this example of extreme frugality.

UPDATE 1/11/12: MMM himself called me out on this post in the comments to his article. Duly chastened, I will try again. And post photos next time around.