Forgetting the Milk

One of the reasons I was so excited to get the iPhone 4S (see my review here) was the prospect of integrating its reminder service with Remember the Milk, which is the bible of my productivity system (GTD). RTM’s website touts the service, and I have to admit it works great for basic reminders - for example, saying “Remind me to empty the garbage tomorrow at 9pm” puts a task on your RTM task list to do just that. It’s excellent.

Unfortunately, because RTM doesn’t yet support location-based reminders, adding a location-based reminder to Siri causes it to disappear into a black hole of non-reminderness. The reminder gets synced to Remember the Milk, it disappears from Siri, and you don’t get reminded at a particular location. So, for example, “Remind me to deposit the check from Mom when I get to the office,” turns into a task on your RTM list - but Reminders doesn’t ping you when you get to the office.

It’s a minor nit to pick, but I hope Bob the Monkey is working on a fix for this.

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